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This chapter presents current epidemiological and trends data related to hypothalamic-pituitary disorders in the United States (US) Importantly, due to the rarity of most of these disorders, international-based studies are referenced to supplement sections where no US-based data were available. Similarly, there was little data on the costs of treating hypothalamic-pituitary disorders. However, we included relevant data when available.

The first section of this document focuses on pituitary dysfunction: anterior hypopituitarism/pituitary insufficiency and posterior pituitary disease. The second section summarizes facts related to pituitary adenomas and other sellar lesions. Please note that Cushing’s disease is covered in the Endocrine Facts and Figures: Adrenal chapter.

Hypothalamic-Pituitary At A Glance


Suggested citation:  Endocrine Society. Endocrine Facts and Figures: Hypothalamic-Pituitary. First Edition. 2016.

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